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6 Weeks

November 20, 2010

And as usual, things have been exceedingly slow.  I’ve started to adapt.  I’m opening a second business at the end of the year which will likely keep me busy yet still allow the flexibility of posting the once a month bond.  In the past six weeks, I’ve had two new clients.  One was a $100 deal and the other was a $1200 or so bond.  I make enough to keep afloat, but I seem to always be just one more client away from making a profit.  Oh well.

In the past two days, I’ve been called to bond hearings by attorneys, only to have both defendants get out on their own recognizance.  There is a catch-22 with limiting myself only to attorney referrals.  The quality of defendant is much higher and risk of skip is much lower.  But the judges know that and set bonds accordingly.  Still, I’m pretty happy with how things are going and it seems like I get about one client a month.

I’m having a slightly harder time convincing attorneys to call me, though.  I wonder if they feel like they have to pay me something if I go to the bond hearing and then don’t get the bond?  Yesterday I turned down $500 and today I turned down $100 from attorneys/defendant’s families.  I explain that I’m not allowed to accept any money unless I actually perform the service, but they just don’t seem to grasp that and clearly look like they think I’m nuts.

One attorney even said that he has paid other bondsmen in the past for their time.  I just shrugged and told him that my understanding of the rules is that I can’t accept the money. I appreciate the gesture, but just consider it part of the service. Call it a free consultation if you will.



What will next week hold?

September 25, 2010

Things have been exceedingly slow, yet again.  I’m at 10 clients currently.  My last one was a $100 fee, so its not like I’m exactly rolling in it.  I have a potential client who is turning herself in on a drug charge next week.  Not sure if she will even get a Surety bond of if the judge will just give a 10% option.

Our bail bond association is in complete disarray and I’ve been approached to see if I was interested in serving on the board. I’m thinking it isn’t worth my time since the association only represents maybe 10% of the bondsman in our state.  The rest have no interest in paying dues and honestly, the association has no income and thus no power.  It’s mainly a tool for a few old timer’s to get their own legislation and special interests passed, though they are ineffective at even doing that. Also, none of them ever listen to me when I voice my opinion.  I mean literally, they turn away from me, talk over me, and start other conversations.

Finally, one of my clients still owes me $800 on his original $1,200 debt.  He ducks my calls whenever I try to contact him, avoids answering the door, and does not check in on a weekly basis the way he is supposed to.  The last time I talked to him, I offered to make him a deal:  I can hold off on collecting the $800 until he has paid off his attorney (he’s a referral), as long as he promises to check in each week and agrees to pay an additional $50 fine for each week that he misses.  So far he missed the first one and has not made himself available to sign updated paperwork.  I called his attorney last week and explained the situation and we will see what happens.  If he misses another check in, I don’t know what to do.  Call his employer?  Call his brother (out of work indemnitor)?  Mail him notice via certified mail and then revoke his bond if it comes back unreturned?

Ideas?  Suggestions?


Uh Oh…

June 19, 2010

So it has been a month since my last bond.  That part is worrisome enough, though I have enough reserves to keep going a few more months.  However this morning I got a surprise phone call from the parents of THIS guy. Seems they took the family on vacation to the beach.  While they were there, the kid got himself in trouble again.  Two charges, 1) leaving the scene and 2) Petit Larceny.

I don’t have the details yet, but the parents were insistent that they want to revoke his bond and they have no intention of paying the $600 to bond him out from the jail at the beach.

Here is where it gets interesting.  You may recall that the mother and the grandmother are indemnitors on the bond. Well…the grandmother wants the kid to stay on bond and says her other daughter is willing to step in as an additional indemnitor.

This is one big hot mess and as long as the kid is at the beach, I can’t really do much of anything since he is out of my jurisdiction and no warrant has been issued yet.  I’ve consulted with an attorney and with my surety company and it seems that the correct path right now is to wait until Monday.   It looks like the Aunt has gone out to the beach to bond the kid out and the Grandmother assures me he will be staying with her.  On Monday, I’ll go down to the court and file paperwork telling the court that the kid has violated a condition of his bond.  I’m going to leave it up to the judge to decide (as if I have a choice!) whether or not to revoke the bond.  If he decides to revoke it, I think I will offer to re-bond him (assuming the judge sets a new bond amount) to the grandmother, thus pissing off the parents.  If he decides to revoke the bond and not set a new one, I come off fairly clean two both parties since I’m just doing my job and it is out of my hands.  If the judge decides not to revoke the bond, then I’m stuck with a mess on my hands since the parents want off bond.  I think I’m going to tell them that I won’t be able to let them off of indemnification unless I’m able to secure collateral.

Any advice or ideas is more than welcome…


Quick update

April 13, 2010
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So I’ve been busy and yet not busy at the same time.  No new clients, but I’ve been out there pounding pavement and developing my other business. Anyway, I got a call tonight from a lady that was about 100 miles away. Her nephew was arrested on simple possession and given a $10k bond.  She had $400 and would pay the remainder in a week.

She called me while I was on the road.  We talked it out and figured out how to get the paperwork back and forth through e-mail.  When I got back to my office and started the process, I called her and she told me that her family that was in town here found another bondsman that would accept the same deal and they went ahead and paid him.

It’s funny.  This time, I wasn’t even really pissed.  Yeah, these things happen, but the whole deal sounded like it was going to be a bit of a pain in the ass. The defendant lives far away, the indemnitor wasn’t paying all the fee up front, even the paperwork was a pain in the ass.  Honestly, I didn’t feel bad about letting this one go.  And compared to the bonds I’ve been writing recently, $10k is pretty much the upper end of what I consider small now.  3 months ago, I would have been super pissed, but then 3 months ago, $10k bond would have been 3x the largest bond I’d written.

Funny how things change.


Stupid Stuff

March 15, 2010
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Quick update:

My $25,000 bond client’s case still hasn’t been officially dismissed in the system, though all parties involved agreed to end the case.

My $237.50 bond client is still stuck going to court even though he paid $237.50 directly to the court.  Rather than applying it to his fine, they gave him a cash bond so now he’s bonded out twice for the same offense.  They won’t release me from the bond because the people working in the magistrate office are idiots.

My $1,395 bond client that I sprung last week missed his first check in.  This dude was pretty lax when it came to keeping his license/tags/insurance up to date.  I don’t know why I expected him to be able to check in with me on a regular basis.

My $30,000 bond client that I got out last week is back in jail. The other bond company that has him for a $5,000 bond was semi-unsuccessful at revoking it.  He gets 30 days in jail and then when he gets out, they have to stay on his bond. Meanwhile, he’s in jail for 30 days.  In jail = not working. Not working = not making his payments. That sucks. I’m going to try and see if he can send me some good business while he is in there.


Crap day

March 12, 2010
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I got a call from the big dog attorney.  He has a client in need and the money for the fee is in escrow held by the attorney. The bond hearing is in a few hours. I go out to the jail and catch not the big dog attorney, but one that is there in his place. The bond hearing just ended and the potential client was given a $35,000 bond.  Cash, Surety, or 10%.  Great. So much for that. The big dog attorney and I both agree there is no point in using a bondsman if they can post 10% of the bond with the county and in theory get that money back at the end of the case.

So then I drove 100 miles to a small town to serve a single paper. Got to the house without problem, but it was half abandoned. Waited for 3 hours and was told by a neighbor that they moved a bunch of stuff this morning and told him they would be back tomorrow for the last of it and to say good bye. I got on the road right at dinner time and fought some really bad thunderstorms to get home. Took 3 hours to drive 100 miles back!

I get to drop the kid at the parents tomorrow morning and do the drive all over again.


Always at the most inopportune moment…

February 19, 2010
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So I’ve been laid up with a fever all day.  I got a call from one of my attorneys telling me to call a client of his.  It’s a pretty prestigous family with a good amount of money.  Grandson has a couple of minor charges, but apparently it isn’t a first time for him.  Bond will be set tonight so I’m in hurry up and wait mode.

If they need me, they’ll call me and I’ll drive out to the jail for what will probably be a couple hundred in fee.  No biggie on any normal day, but I feel like crap today.


I’m tired…

February 8, 2010
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Got a call late last night.  An attorney referred a friend of a friend to me.  Her son was just arrested for DUI on his way home from a Superbowl party.  It was interesting that the cop allowed the son to make several phone calls on his cell phone before taking him to jail.  The mother had me on the phone before the kid was even processed in.  I explained the deal to her and offered to meet her at the jail in the morning.

According to the website, bond court starts at 8am.  We get there on time only to find that it is 9am.  Which becomes 10:15am because the judge wasn’t there. All that waiting and then he gave the kid a PR bond.  Sigh.  Maybe I’m just donating to the karma bank on this one.

4 hours of sleep and I’m exhausted.  Time to take a mid-afternoon nap.


Have lots to say, but no time.

February 5, 2010
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So here’s a quick hint:

$150,000 bond.


Been slow

January 15, 2010
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So slow that I’ve only posted one bond since November.  It wasn’t even a big bond, maybe $300 fee or so.

I’m seriously considering expanding into Federal bonds and/or doing process serving.  Any ideas, comments, suggestions are quite welcome.  Anyone? Bueller?


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