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Vacation time is over

August 14, 2009
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I’m back and sort of ready to go.  Unfortunately, the state has something to say about it.  It took the past week of phone calls back and forth between me, the surety company, the state, and the surety company’s vendor to figure out what the delay is in getting my surety license.  Ultimately, I had to drive downtown and drop off a $25 check and fill out a separate application yesterday.  However, the hope is that today I will be processed and issued the new license.  Finally!

I’ve already started putting my name up in jails, but the phone has not rung yet.  I need to set myself up with some accounts for collect calls, purchase bail bonds software (Captira), get some blank contracts from my attorney, purchase a receipt book, and get setup for accepting credit cards.  Then I will feel confident about really going strong.  On top of all that, I still need my web site designer to design the website and I need to purchase Quickbooks.  A new version of Quickbooks comes out in early October, so I’ll probably hold off until then.

The zoning department approved my home office, so I’ll be getting my business licenses today.  I also need to redo my telephone line.   I’m just not satisfied with it.  Once I get the new numbers, I’ll need new business cards.  It is always something.

Yeah, I know this wasn’t the most interesting of posts, but it does illustrate just how much work and effort is involved in setting up a business before you even open your doors.  Maybe someone out there appreciates it.




July 25, 2009
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Going on vacation for the next two weeks.  Vegas + Chicago.

See y’all when I get back, possibly sooner if I have some downtime in between.


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