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March 23, 2010
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So I’ve hit my next milestone.  I had a $30k bond this past weekend, which is a story in and of itself.  But on the bigger picture, at least on paper, I’ve become profitable.  I’m still not in a position to pay myself, but if you subtract all my liabilities from all of my assets (ignoring the concept of my current clients full bond amounts being liabilities) and you are left with a little bit of lucre.

If things can continue to progress, I might be able to cut myself a paycheck this summer.  Then again, I had a very painful slump from Dec. 1-Feb 1, so its possible that this is just regression to the mean, so I’m not ready to cut a check just yet.




February 5, 2010

The deal is done and the defendant is home.  It happened so quickly, I don’t know where to begin.  Basically, one of the attorneys I’ve met with referred the Mom to me.  She called and we discussed the case.  I quoted 10% plus collateral. They claimed to not have any collateral, so I explained that will make it a little more challenging.  I cajoled my insurance company into approving it anyway (way way above my writing authority) and they drove a power down and met me at the courthouse.  Meanwhile, I met the mother at the grandmother’s house and they both signed on as indemnitors.  Since the defendant is a minor being tried as an adult, we loaded on a ton of conditions.

Kid has to complete GED/high school degree.  No drugs.  No driving anywhere.  No contact with any of the other parties involved in his case.  And he is not allowed out of his house unless he is escorted by his parents or grandmother.

They had cash up front (combo of cash, check, credit card).  The court closes at 5pm, so we needed to get it all done before then or he is in jail all weekend long.  Made a mad dash from the grandmother’s house to the court and had about 20 minutes to spare.  Picked the kid up from Jail a couple hours later and drove him home.  Made sure all my documents are signed and he is straight.

It was interesting.  When I first met him in the jail lobby, he was all jive and ghetto.  By the time I got him home, he was all “Yes Sir, No Sir”.

This was a huge relief.  I’ll wait a few days before I start worrying about his ability to show up to court.  For now, I’m just dancing on clouds.  After all the expenses, I netted just over $6k.


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