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Nothing New…

December 25, 2009
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We cooked and ate Christmas dinner today.  Other than that, it was hang out at home with the baby.  Hard to believe she is 1 month old already.  In that time, I’ve only had one bond.  Now that we are starting to get stable again, its time I start pounding the pavement and drumming up business.  How exactly I’m going to do that is a mystery to me at this time.  I welcome any and all suggestions.



Slow business

November 24, 2009
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So it’s been real slow.  Mostly hampered by the awful cold I got last week and the impending baby birth this week.  I haven’t done any new business in a while and it is sad to say that I have very little in the way of liability outstanding.  This is a tough business to break into.

I have some stuff pending, but pending doesn’t put food on the table.


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