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Not much to talk about

October 26, 2009
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Wish I had something to be outraged or happy about. Unfortunately, the world is quiet around here.  I had two potential bonds fall through because the people got PR’d.  Thats the downside to working with good attorneys, I guess. I might have another one tomorrow, we’ll see if they give him a PR or not. Otherwise, there just isn’t much to say.

I’m think I’m going to have to go back to the phone company and get a full landline again.  I’m starting to need a fax and might need it for credit card processing.  I don’t know of any technological solutions around it.



Two more down…

October 19, 2009

So I had two more bonds last week.  The first one was a baby bond.  The guy had moved here years ago and never changed his driver’s license from the previous state.  In the meantime, he wrote three bad checks in another county, also quite a long time ago.  There was a bench warrant out for his arrest and when he was traffic stopped in my home county, they had no choice but to arrest him. Whats interesting is that they charged him for over $200 on the driver’s license charge, instead of giving him a PR bond.  So for $35, I took care of initial charge and got him transferred to the other county to face the bad check charges.  The judge in that other county gave him a PR bond.  So between Paytel calls and other expenses, I think I earned around $2/hr on his case.  But there is a silver lining here.  The guy was older and had some health problems, so he spent most of his time in jail at the medical ward.

While in there, he referred me to another guy who was accused of stealing a motorcycle.  The guy with the motorcycle was caught because he happened to wreck the bike.  He’s broken in a few places and thus was spending time in medical also.  I took care of his bond for $250 and that went a long way towards covering the phone bill(s).

I only have one other case brewing.  I can’t really say much about it, but he bond is for $50k and there is a defense attorney involved that I would very much like to impress so he will send me more business.  I’m trying to cut a deal on the bond and offered $4,000 with $1,500 down and $2,500 in payments or $3,800 upfront.  I’m hoping to seal the deal in a day or two.

In other news, I’ve discharged my first bond.  Doesn’t mean much, but it is a milestone none the less.


Who do I hate more?

October 9, 2009
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On the one hand, there is PayTel.  Their onerous business practices have cost me $300 in collect phone calls and only accounted for $300 in gross income. Thats no way to run a business.  On top of that, I sent them a payment over a week ago. They cashed the check and it cleared my bank on Tuesday.

Today, I noticed I was at the limit and wasn’t receiving any calls from the jail. I tried to call customer service, but after 3 failed attempts (your call could not be completed?!?!) I resorted to the e-mail form. I explained that they have my payment, but the response was that I needed to provide them with proof. I sent them copies of the cleared check and they took it down to accounting. Someone somewhere screwed up.  Meanwhile, they really seem to be a shady company.

Then we have AT&T.  I ordered a business line with an 800 number. The first bill came in at $165. I called and raised a ruckus. I explained that I’m not even using the number to call out, I have it forwarded to my cell phone, so why is it so high?!?

They told me I could reduce the bill by canceling the line and converting it to just a forward.  It would make my bill $50/mo. I specifically asked if I would still be listed in yellow pages and was told yes. They said I would only have to pay $8/mo for the 800 number, plus the per min. charge.

I got my next bill, or should I say bills?  Came out to be around $90 and the 800 number was separate.  The 800 number accounted for nearly $30. I called and raised another ruckus. Apparently, when you go with a forwarding, the 800 number is no longer an $8 add-on. I told them to cancel it. Besides, the only calls I ever received from anyone were wrong numbers because the 800 number was exactly one digit off from a credit card company’s customer service line.

Now, I just received a solicitation from AT&T/Yellow pages. They want to sell me an ad for $50/mo to be listed in yellow and white pages. I said “Wait a minute…I’m already supposed to be there.” Again, apparently AT&T lied to me. You can not be listed in yellow pages automatically unless you have a fully dedicated line.

What bullshit.


London calling

September 18, 2009

So the phone rang off the hook yesterday.  I guess I’m only posted in one jail so far, but it probably cost me a small fortune in collect calls just answering yesterday.  Got to the point where I had to start ignoring calls. Why is that?

Well, since I’m the “new number” posted, I was getting calls from every guy thats been in there for months and months and have no chance of getting out. They all want to convince me to let them out since no one else will bond them out.

I’m hoping that will calm down some over the next few days. I really am concerned at the mounting costs of these collect calls. The jails have a real racket going on.  Minimum is $2.60 for a call up to $18 per call.  It depends on the jail, the distance, and who knows what else.

I thought I might have some good stories to relate, but they are all the same. Inmate calls, inmate tries to scam me into letting him out, inmate is disappointed.


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