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Need advice

May 27, 2010

This morning I found myself in a court room waiting for proceedings to begin.  I struck up a conversation with the bondsman next to me.  This is a guy I’ve talked to a couple of times.  I’ve heard some pretty disgusting rumors about him, but nothing confirmed.  I believe he is also the same guy that threatened to charge the indemnitor of one of my clients additional bond fee’s in order to stay on my client’s initial bond, when I got the larger 2nd offense bond (here).

In any case, I stayed cordial and even bordered on friendly.  I asked him for advice on how his company (largest in town) competes with the 6% shops. He told me it isn’t a big deal and suggested that when quoting/collecting funds from new clients, that I don’t clarify/stipulate/mention that this is not a one time fee.  Instead, after a few months, he then suggests I send them a bill for the other 4% (6+4=10) of the bond fee.

Then I asked what you do when they don’t pay and he says “Oh, you get off the bond then.”  I asked how, since it is illegal to revoke a bond for non-payment here.  He then suggested that I send out regular reminders for court to addresses on file (I currently make telephone calls instead) and hope that the notice gets returned to me because the defendant has moved. Then, even if I happen to know where the defendant is, I can take that returned piece of mail to the judge and ask for revocation since it would seem that the client is being evasive and I “don’t know where the defendant is and/or if they are trying to flee”.  He said you just need a little excuse to get off the bond.

So…what do you think I should do?  I find these suggestions abhorrent, but I’m not sure what, if anything, I should do about it.  I considered contacting our regulator and discussing it with him, but no one likes a tattle tale and more importantly they are a big player in the area and I have no protection.

Let me put it this way…they are such a big player in the area that I have reason to believe that they have secure access to the local jail database, whereas I only have public access and am limited to only very basic searches and information.



Zeb update and a new story

November 2, 2009

I bailed out Zeb the other day.  I guess it took about 6 weeks, but when the judge decided to push his court date back another 3 weeks, he and his girl Genevieve decided it was time to get out.



I’ve run into an unrelated situation that I’m unsure how to help with. The parents are both religious leaders and the son is in jail on a repeat offense of driving under suspension.  It isn’t anything serious, but the son just won’t get his act together. Typical story about hanging with the wrong crowd, etc etc.  The problem is that the parents can’t seem to get through to the son that he needs to get his life together. They’re thinking that keeping him in jail might be the way to teach him a lesson.  Part of me agrees, but at the same time, realizes that keeping him jail just keeps him interacting with people worse than him that might teach him stuff that will get him in deeper the next time.

I’m getting ready to become a parent myself and am worried about how I would deal with this if it was my kid.  What is the proper technique or response here?  How do you help someone get off the downward spiral if they don’t want to help themselves?


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