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1st Contact

September 13, 2009

I was woken up this morning by the ringing of my phone.  I recognized the name, though it was someone I haven’t spoken with since middle school.  He told me that he had a younger female friend that hosted a party last night.  The party was busted by the cops and they found a very small amount of marijuana.  Since no one claimed it, his friend was arrested and sent to jail.  He wanted my help so I collected some basic info.

Since it was a first time offense, I told him that his friend would most likely be released on a PR bond (personal recognizance) and that he didn’t need my services.  I explained to him when bond court would be held, how much bond would be set at if she isn’t given a PR bond, and told him to call back if I could be of further assistance.  I checked her info on the jail’s website and by this afternoon, she was already released on the PR bond.  I was happy that I had my first call, even if I wasn’t able to make money off of it.

Her booking picture was something.  One thing you could read for certain on her face was that she had never been in any trouble like this before and she was way over her head, scared senseless, and unable to stop crying.

I hope I get more calls and that they are for paying customers. I’ve got a baby due around Thanksgiving and the clock is ticking.  I’ll be raising two kids then, one human and one a fledgling bail bond business.



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