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June 30, 2009
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So this is my first post, I’ll try to make it snappy…

Last week, I was laid off from my dull office job of nearly 3 years.  It didn’t bother me much as I didn’t really enjoy the people and for sure my career was going nowhere.

A couple of months ago, an attorney friend was visiting from out of town.  He asked what my latest big idea was.  Oh, I do that btw.  I’m a planner who likes to plot new ways to take over the world, one business enterprise at a time.

So I tell him that I didn’t really have anything in mind, but that I was generally unhappy with work.  He told me that I should look into bail bonding.  I believe his exact words were:

“I’ve seen a lot of dumb people drive some really fancy cars because they were making good money in bail bonds.”

Well darn it, I’m dumb.  Why shouldn’t I be rich too?  I went home that night and immediately started researching bail bonds.  I didn’t fall asleep until 4am, once I was satisfied that I had read every wikipedia entry, blog, and half the bondsman’s websites out there.  The next week, I purchased or borrowed from the library every non-fiction bail bond book published in the last 30 years and even a couple of fiction ones…(Yes, those Stephanie Plum novels)

I’ve since read and re-read those books and written and revised my business plan.  The goal was to quit my job just before Labor Day and then open up my own Agency.  It’s nice to have goals.

So did I mention I got laid off last week?  You might think that I would go ahead and accelerate my schedule, but you would be wrong.  Indeed, if anything I’m going to push it back.  Now my new goal is to get a job working for an existing agency and get some experience under my belt.  I can always open up my own business next year.

Next stop:  Mandatory classroom training.



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