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Dose of Humility | August 21, 2010

So the other day, an attorney called me in to the jail for a bond hearing.  He thought that the client would need me, but turns out the judge was quite lenient. This happens from time to time and it doesn’t bother me a bit. I’m just happy the attorneys call me at all.

In any case, the interesting part of the story is that there was this huge media circus surrounding the case.  There were maybe 40 people waiting in the lobby and all of our local news networks were covering it.  I just sat in the corner with a book until I could identify the mother of the defendant I was called in to help.  I had talked to the mother several times in the previous few days so she knew who I was, just not what I looked like.

So I walk over to her and introduce myself. We talk for a moment and I tell her if she needs me, I’ll be in the corner, just come get me.  As I walk away, one of the guards says “Hey champ!” to me.  I didn’t know he was talking to me so I kept walking.  He said it again, so I stopped and looked at him with that ‘do you mean me?’ face.

He comes over to me and says “I don’t want to see you soliciting in my jail.”  I told him I wasn’t soliciting and he continued “And I don’t want to see you advertising either!”

“I’m not advertising”, I said.

“Your shirt has your company’s name on it”, he said.

I said “That’s just identifying me. Besides, I have a letter in my bag from the regulator saying that this is acceptable.”

“Not in my jail”, he said.  “And you are in my jail right now.  Next time don’t wear that shirt!”

And he started to walk away.  At this point, I should have just licked my wounds, but I stopped him and said that I wasn’t soliciting business, but that the family had invited me to be there.  He kind of grunted at me and walked away.

Time passes and I talked with the attorney.  I asked about the guard and the attorney identified him as a captain in charge of the jail.

Oh.  Oops.

Once the hearing was over and most of the crowd had filed out, I walked towards the exit with the attorney.  We stopped so he could talk to the Captain and one of the court workers.  I found an appropriate moment to pull the Captain aside and I apologized for wearing the shirt.  I told him next time I would bring a sport coat to wear over it.

This seemed to please him, so I chalk it up as a win.



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  1. Can we hire that guy for the LA courts? Most wouldn’t know bail law if… you get the picture.

    Comment by Tonya Rynerson — September 10, 2010 @ 11:31 pm

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