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Not there yet | July 28, 2010

So for weeks months, I’ve been saying as soon as I get my next bond I’ll be able to start paying myself.  But there has been no bond.  Until maybe now.  I met with the parents of a 20yr old that had consensual (doesn’t exist in our state) sex with a 15yr old.  He’s been locked up for a while and his parents don’t have a lot of money.  Today they got the bond reduced to 25k surety only.  I received a referral call from an attorney and quoted them $2,100 with $700 up front and payments for the rest.  This was exceedingly generous on my part, mostly because I wanted to curry favor with the attorney who had never referred me any clients before.

The thought was that at $700 up front, at least I would be able to make a little bit on the deal up front and then the rest of the payments would be “profit” though it will likely go towards my monthly expenses in future months.

The problem is that I’m leaving for my annual vacation in 2 days and I’ll be gone for over a week.  The family has to borrow the $700 from an out of state family member and the check is now in the mail, but won’t be received and cleared until next week.  The attorney is graciously offering to hold the money in escrow for me, but that means the little profit I was hoping to eek out on this up front payment is going to be used to pay another local bondsman a transfer bond fee to go down to my local jail and file some paperwork!  The indignity pains my ego, but the amount of money we are talking about is not significant enough to justify me delaying my trip nor purchasing an airplane ticket to fly back just to do the bond and then return to my vacation.

Annoying, but not fml sort of stuff.



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