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Judge decides, bondsman shrugs | July 14, 2010

So last week, my client checks in with me and tells me he has court coming up. I’m surprised by this and ask what he is talking about.  He said he got a letter from his attorney saying there is a bond revocation hearing.

This is news to me.  He reads me the letter and it sounds like the prosecutor is proactively seeking to revoke bond based on my conversation with him a few weeks ago when I was gathering papers to submit for revocation.

Since then, there has been a date switch and what not, but much to my chagrin, I’ve yet to receive notice of the actual bond hearing, much less the date changes.  I only knew about it because I kept in contact with my client.

Anyway, we show up to court today and his attorney asks me if I would stay on bond.  I’ve given it much thought and because a) I feel like the parents share some responsibility in allowing the client to be in a situation where he was arrested and b) because the client is not a flight risk, I tell the attorney that I will stay on bond if given the option.  It doesn’t hurt that I’m trying to curry favor with the attorney.

Meanwhile, the prosecutor throws me right under the bus at the start of the hearing by telling the judge, attorney, and my client that he is initiating the hearing based on a conversation he had with me a few weeks prior. UGH.  At least he tempered it by adding that to date I have not submitted paperwork to revoke the bond.

The judge listened to both sides (and I was able to get more details of the somewhat horrific nature of the client’s crime) and finally ruled that the client can stay on bond as long as his official conditions are changed to include GPS monitoring and a 9pm-7am curfew.

Once that was over, I realize in discussions with the family that the client is currently residing at the grandmother’s house and clearly with GPS monitoring that will have to change.  I explain the situation to the attorney who calls the mother and smooth things out.

I get a call from the mother a few hours later.  I explain to her that the option is GPS monitoring and him staying at her house or he goes back to jail.  She seems ok with it, but then grows alarmed at the cost of the GPS monitoring. She calls me back a 2nd time to confirm that she would indeed have to pay for the court ordered monitoring.

Um…who else should pay so her son can have his freedom?  I’m sure as tootin’ not paying.



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