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An interesting question… | May 29, 2010

Predatory/payday lenders, like bail bondsman, are almost universally reviled and highly regulated.  Most states place a maximum cap on how much a payday lender can charge.  Most states place a maximum cap on how much a bail bondsman can charge.  Here is where it gets interesting:

Lenders do not try to compete on price.  They all charge the maximum and keep that as the status quo.  Bondsman (at least in my state) all try to undercut each other on price.

I wonder why that is?




  1. Because there no one being held Accountable for making sure that bail bondsman and law enforement follow the rules and regs in place for the industry. And believe me it’s not just your state it’s the industry as a hole. Around my way, sheriff and police departments recommended bail bondsman to defendants or even transfer calls buddy buddy bondsman of their choice Which is a big NO! NO!, but what agency is in place to ensure that thing like this are not taking place??????? There is a lot of conflict of interest issues within the industry, but this may be a case of (It’s far out of control to stop it) about like crack. Suggestions anyone?
    Sorry to get off on a rant, but pertain to your question my opinion is the reason it’s like that is because of the ease of entry into the industry which leads to having a lot of pretend bail bondsman who are just in it to make a quick buck. The pretend bail bondsman are making it hard to the ones who are true to the game and know how to stick to their guns as far as pricing a bond goes. The Pretend Bail Bondsman are costing us who are true to the game Millions of Dollars. When will they ever understand that being competitive does not mean you cut the cost of the bond to zilch! Oh and let’s not forget the factor of GREED! Will all the real Professional bail bondsman please stand up!!!!!!

    Comment by "I'm just Saying" — May 30, 2010 @ 1:36 am

  2. Greed is a factor, and unfortunately there are a few bad apples that spoil it for the ones that do work hard to make sure the rules are followed and the defendant can make bail.

    It’s interesting that in California we have a max as far as fees we can charge… yet competition has shown that the cap isn’t the problem.

    We try to win business through service and developing a relationship of trust with our clients. Price matters, but in the end clients will choose a bondsman based on other considerations as well.

    Comment by Dwaine — May 30, 2010 @ 12:20 pm

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