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Update! | May 21, 2010

Wow…over a month since I last updated.  Unfortunately, thats because I just haven’t been very busy.  In that time, I’ve only done one bond and it was just a baby bond for a $1,000 ($100 fee) and nothing significant to note.

In other news, the founder of one of my largest competitors died recently.  But he had been in poor health for a while, so I don’t expect much change or adjustment in the marketplace.  I’m pretty sure that he hasn’t been playing much of a part in the business for some time.

Oh…there is one little story I can tell.  Last night, I got woken up at 2am by a woman who led off with the phrase I’ve come to hate:  “How much would you charge for a $xyz bond?”

Yes, I know I advertise that I’m a 24/7 business.  Honestly, I really don’t mind being woken up in the middle of the night by a distraught loved one who needs some answers and is half-frantic with anxiety. But in my state, we have bond court twice a day in most counties.  Once in the morning and once in the afternoon/evening (say by 7pm).  So there is really no reason for someone to be looking through the phone book at 2am calling everyone to ask them how much they would charge.  If it wasn’t important enough to call about 5 hours ago, than it can wait until 8am.  None of the jails around here will release anyone out at that time of night anyway.

At least I can say she led out with the question right off the bat so she didn’t waste my time.  But then she seemed annoyed when I quoted her 10% which is higher than several of my competitors.

I don’t know you and you don’t know me.  Why should I give you a discount? How can I trust that your loved one would even show up to court?  That’s my risk, so that’s my price.



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