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Quick update | April 13, 2010

So I’ve been busy and yet not busy at the same time.  No new clients, but I’ve been out there pounding pavement and developing my other business. Anyway, I got a call tonight from a lady that was about 100 miles away. Her nephew was arrested on simple possession and given a $10k bond.  She had $400 and would pay the remainder in a week.

She called me while I was on the road.  We talked it out and figured out how to get the paperwork back and forth through e-mail.  When I got back to my office and started the process, I called her and she told me that her family that was in town here found another bondsman that would accept the same deal and they went ahead and paid him.

It’s funny.  This time, I wasn’t even really pissed.  Yeah, these things happen, but the whole deal sounded like it was going to be a bit of a pain in the ass. The defendant lives far away, the indemnitor wasn’t paying all the fee up front, even the paperwork was a pain in the ass.  Honestly, I didn’t feel bad about letting this one go.  And compared to the bonds I’ve been writing recently, $10k is pretty much the upper end of what I consider small now.  3 months ago, I would have been super pissed, but then 3 months ago, $10k bond would have been 3x the largest bond I’d written.

Funny how things change.



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