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Kids, don’t make this mistake… | December 8, 2009

The other night, as I was routinely ignoring another round of annoyance calls from an inmate at the local detention center ($3 fee/per call if I choose to answer), my finger slipped and I pressed the “7” key.

With Paytel, when you press “7”, you are telling their system that you wish to block all future calls from the jail.  For a bail bondsman, this is what we call a very bad thing.  The following morning, I e-mailed Paytel and asked if they could take the block off and if there was a way to disable this feature so I don’t fat finger it again.  Within 24 hours, they e-mailed me back and told me to contact the jail, though to their credit, they provided the name/number of the person I needed to talk to.  Of course they ignored the second part of my question about disabling the feature.

So I called the person I needed to talk to.  She was helpful, though not particularly kind.  She insisted that I fax her my request on letterhead (again?!?!  Can’t we get beyond this ancient technology?) before she would take the block off.  She couldn’t tell me how long it would take to remove the block, but she told me there is no way to disable the “7” feature.

I just got a call from the jail a couple of minutes ago.  All told, it took about 48 hours to lift the block.  I hate Paytel.



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