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When it rains, its wet | December 2, 2009

So the common theme in my blog lately is that I’m bitching about not having any work.  That sort of changed today.

A lady who I’ve been trying to get released for weeks and weeks almost got out yesterday.  Her common law hubby is on disability and he was supposed to get his monthly check yesterday and bond her out.  Except that he ended up in the slammer for child support on a different kid.  So that brought in her mom who was only willing to help if hubby reimburses her. But she only had enough to cover either bail or light bill. She chose light bill. When I passed the news on to the lady in jail, she asked to speak to the mom and then proceeded to give her a competitors number to call for a cheaper rate. For weeks I’ve been working on her behalf, coordinating and reassuring. Paid for maybe 10 calls give or take a few and she pulls this shit. At least the mother wasn’t really paying much attention because she was at a hair appointment.

This morning, I called the mother and worked out a deal with her (the same original deal, but with financing) and got her to come up with 50% so we could get the lady out.  While I’m working on that, I get a call from my surety company and they want to throw me a bone on a transfer bond.  So I jump on that too.  It’s the same jail, but a different court, so I had to make two different stops.  I go to get the lady out first and when I get there, they tell me she never signed her bond forms, so they won’t let me bond her out.  They have to send the forms to the county jail to get her to sign and then have them returned.  I’m headed there next, but they won’t let me take them.  Faxing won’t work either.  They tell me to come back in the morning.

I head out to the jail and post the transfer bond.  Pain in the ass, but it’s an hours worth of work for a decent fee.  After that, I drive back to the first place.  They haven’t got the paperwork yet.  I wait until 5:30 when they close. The paperwork shows up at closing time and they let me post the bond, but they can’t process it until the morning.  Oh well, Karma’s a bitch, eh lady?

Then there was the third bond.  Only there wasn’t.  You see, last night, I get a call at 3:30am from a friend of a dude who got picked up for DUI.  I calm her down, walk her through the process and set up the scene for a follow-up in the morning.  I catch a few more Zzz’s between baby feedings and call the dude’s mother in the morning.  Run through the same spiel with her.  She lives two counties over and is driving to the morning bond court.  They say they’ll call me when the bond is set.  This one is about 30 miles away.  I would have gone out there to supervise, but had the other mess to deal with.  So I wait for the call.  Around noon, I hear that he didn’t have bond court this morning because they served him with a 2nd charge (Criminal Domestic Violence on his ex-wife).  So now he is set for afternoon bond court around 3pm.  At that point, I still driving back and forth dealing with this other shit.

Once I post the last bond, I call the dude’s jail and find out that the guy has been given a $10k bond.  That would mean $1k for me which would be 3x more than I’ve earned on any one bond so far.  I’m ecstatic.  I get home and call the Mom.  She explains that they went across the street and paid a bondsman there to bond the guy out since that jail stops doing bonds at 5pm and they wanted to make sure he gets out tonight.  So I worked my butt off for $250 and missed an opportunity for an easy $1,000.

Thankfully there was a baby nearby or I would have been swearing up a storm.



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