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Who do I hate more? | October 9, 2009

On the one hand, there is PayTel.  Their onerous business practices have cost me $300 in collect phone calls and only accounted for $300 in gross income. Thats no way to run a business.  On top of that, I sent them a payment over a week ago. They cashed the check and it cleared my bank on Tuesday.

Today, I noticed I was at the limit and wasn’t receiving any calls from the jail. I tried to call customer service, but after 3 failed attempts (your call could not be completed?!?!) I resorted to the e-mail form. I explained that they have my payment, but the response was that I needed to provide them with proof. I sent them copies of the cleared check and they took it down to accounting. Someone somewhere screwed up.  Meanwhile, they really seem to be a shady company.

Then we have AT&T.  I ordered a business line with an 800 number. The first bill came in at $165. I called and raised a ruckus. I explained that I’m not even using the number to call out, I have it forwarded to my cell phone, so why is it so high?!?

They told me I could reduce the bill by canceling the line and converting it to just a forward.  It would make my bill $50/mo. I specifically asked if I would still be listed in yellow pages and was told yes. They said I would only have to pay $8/mo for the 800 number, plus the per min. charge.

I got my next bill, or should I say bills?  Came out to be around $90 and the 800 number was separate.  The 800 number accounted for nearly $30. I called and raised another ruckus. Apparently, when you go with a forwarding, the 800 number is no longer an $8 add-on. I told them to cancel it. Besides, the only calls I ever received from anyone were wrong numbers because the 800 number was exactly one digit off from a credit card company’s customer service line.

Now, I just received a solicitation from AT&T/Yellow pages. They want to sell me an ad for $50/mo to be listed in yellow and white pages. I said “Wait a minute…I’m already supposed to be there.” Again, apparently AT&T lied to me. You can not be listed in yellow pages automatically unless you have a fully dedicated line.

What bullshit.



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