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Ronnie’s story | September 20, 2009

This afternoon I was out at the park with friends.  We were having a good time and planning on going to get lunch when I received a call from Ronnie at the detention center.  Now, I’m not at PC and have no way of verifying his story, but he says he was picked up for DUI and it is his first offense.  He is in his 40’s and owns his own home, worked for the same company for over 20 years, and needs help with his $997 bond.  I told him that if his story checks out, I would let him out for $100.  I was able to verify his story when someone at home looked him up on the computer for me.  I connected him with a friend who was able to run to the bank and pick up the fee for me and then the friend met me in the park where I took the fee and gave him a receipt.  I skipped lunch and went home to get cleaned up and then on to the jail.  Approximately 2 hrs later, Ronnie was a free man again and very grateful.  He had spent about 12 hours in jail, but never moved past the intake part.  Unfortunately, his car was in impound and it was too late to pick it up.  I gave him a ride home and called it a day.

It was truly a win-win situation and I’m happy to have posted my first bond. After the BUF fund contribution and Insurance commission are taken out of the amount, I get to keep around $80.  When I got home, I logged into my PAY-TEL account and saw that the balance was $99. I’m still in the negatives, but I have great feelings about this week!



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