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Two steps forward, a couple leaps backwards | August 28, 2009

I picked up 1,000 new business cards last night from Kinko’s since I ran out of my first batch.  I don’t know why I bother.  At this point, neither the insurance company nor the regulator can predict when I will receive my license.  The regulator has been having severe technical difficulties with their website and database, so they seem (unconfirmed) to have halted all appointments for the near-term.  Maybe next week…maybe longer.

Meanwhile, I’ve gained 10lbs from the stress and lack of activity.  I do nothing but sit around the house watching old re-runs and eating while I wait for the phone to ring.  At least I had a little fun yesterday.  Two different credit card processors wouldn’t take “No” for an answer over the phone.  They insisted on a face-to-face meeting to try and sell me on their services.  I figured I might as well perform some due diligence since I’ve only looked at American Spirit.  So I scheduled these two meetings back to back and I didn’t tell them that I work out of my home.  When the reps showed up, I asked if they wouldn’t mind talking to me in the kitchen while I took care of some chores.  So there they are trying to sell me on their product while I unloaded/reloaded the dishwasher, prepared some fruit for dehydration, and hand washed some dishes.  It definitely threw them off balance and helped me cut through their sales bullshit.



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