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I see London, I see France… | August 19, 2009

So I’m this |>  <| close to getting my surety license.  It is still out of my hands and being processed by a bunch of bureaucrats.  Perhaps by tomorrow afternoon I will have the license and be able to print out the dozen or so copies that I need.

Once I have the copies, I have to take them down to my home county clerk of court and have them “clocked” in.  I get to pay them an unreasonable sum for this.  After that, I have to drive to seven other county court houses and get stamps from each of them certifying me to perform bond business in those counties.  Some, but not all of the counties, will require me to then drive to the respective county detention center to enter my contact info onto the list so inmates can then call me collect and charge me $$$ to talk to me.  Most of the counties will at least do me the favor of putting my contact info up on the “board” fairly quickly.  Not my home county.  They only update their info once a month.  So I won’t be on those boards until after 9/8. So much for the Labor Day business.

In other news, I had a mini-freakout today.  I received back-to-back contracts to sign up with a credit card processor and bail bonds software. Adding all of the monthly fees together along with my other financial commitments (phones, loans, etc.), I would be looking at having to generate 10k in bonds each month just to break even.  This probably is not a lot, heck that can be one bond or even just a fraction of one bond.  However, when you have NO INCOME and no idea how or when your income will start coming in, it becomes a little overwhelming.



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