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Two steps forward, and a little back | July 23, 2009

I’ve been sitting on a bunch of paperwork to file.  I finally got started on it today and am pleased with the results.  After that, I stopped at the bank to follow up on my credit card application and checks.  They told me I was denied for the credit card.  I know we are in a tight  credit market, but this was a little unreasonable.  I have 5 figures sitting in their bank and was ready to personally cosign the application (I have excellent credit).  All I was asking for was a $500 limit on the card.  I pointed this out to the bank guy and more than hinted that I was looking for a bank that would offer me solutions to problems, not cause me problems.  I told him I was more than willing to look elsewhere for my banking solutions if they couldn’t even manage this small issuance of credit.  That worked because he called me back an hour later and told me that they will re-submit my application and then automatically approve it manually.

No such luck with the City zoning department.  It has been over a week since I applied for approval from them to open a home office.  However, the guy that can make the decision is now on vacation as of today and won’t be back until Monday.  He choose not to address my issue earlier this week when I sent him voicemail and e-mails.  I need them to give approval so I can pay for my city business license.

I’m going on vacation for two weeks, but if this isn’t resolved by the time I return, I’m going to have to meet with the mayor.



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