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Paperwork sucks | July 16, 2009

Paperwork is just a necessity of this business, I guess.  Anyway, there was a little hiccup in the form of a typo on my LLC paperwork and it all trickled down into the bank accounts too.  I spent all day getting it all corrected and cross your fingers, I think its fixed.

I also wrote a couple of thank you notes, but I only have some cheap cards right now.  Once I start getting some decent income, I’m going to invest in letterhead and branded thank you cards.  Its embarrassing to to be sending stuff out like this, but something is better than nothing.  Right now it is critical to keep my overhead low, which makes typo mistakes that cost $110 to repair very very annoying.

In other news, my license application is completed and ready for mailing. Again, cross your fingers and lets hope everything goes smoothly there.  I have approximately 3 more weeks before I open the doors on my business. Those would be virtual doors.  I’m still fighting the good fight with the City over getting a zoning variance so I can pay my business license fee.  Never have I had to struggle so hard for so long to give people money!



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