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Paperwork | July 14, 2009

I’ve got a contract to sign, applications to fill out, and receipts to file.  It seems like the paperwork is never ending and I haven’t even written a bond yet.  They Surety company seems very eager to bring me on, so at least that is reassuring. I went to my local city HQ and started the process of applying for a business license.  Unfortunately, zoning seems to have a problem with me working from my home.  There issue is that traditionally bail bonds agencies generate levels of traffic above what is normal for residential areas.  I wrote them a letter explaining how this will be a virtual office and how I have absolutely no intention of bringing clients into my home.  I pointed out that my home is only big enough for my family, not my family and additional employees and that if I grew the business, I would be forced to seek out commercial office space.  I hope to hear a positive response in a few days.

Hopefully I can knock the majority of this paperwork out in the next day or two and take a break before attending the PBUS convention in Savannah next week.  After that, it is time to tie up some loose ends and then I am taking a 2 week vacation (before I even open my doors) and when I return, it is game ON!



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