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Tests and Meetings | July 7, 2009

I took my license test yesterday and passed with flying colors. 90th percentile, yay!  I scheduled my 2nd and last test for Thursday morning.

Today, I drove 2 hours to meet with a “local” Surety company about signing on with them.  They basically offered me 13% bond cost + 10% buildup fund and acknowledged that over time, the bond cost will come down.  They took me out to lunch, though the restaurant they picked had a “B” rating by the regulatory department…hope we don’t get sick!

Anyway, I received lots of excellent information from them and updated my business plan and financial projections accordingly. They suggested an alternate strategy which is growing on me:

Our local urban areas are filled with long established bondsmen, however if I am willing to drive an hour in any direction, there are around a half dozen rural counties that have far less competition (granted, far less crime too).  So in the begining, my focus will be on these rural areas and than I can expand into my local area.  Its counter-intuitive, but has an elegant sort of logic to it.




  1. Congratulations. I’m curious what state you are in? California takes about 6 mos. to get a bail license. Looks like your state is much faster.

    Comment by Tonya Rynerson — July 15, 2009 @ 9:54 am

    • Hi Tonya,

      I’m on the other side of the country from you. Thanks for reading my blog. When I started researching the bail bond business, I came across your blog and found it both informational and inspirational. Though I am new to the business, it is quickly becoming clear to me that for as many reputable bond agencies and bondsmen/women out there, there are just as many disreputable ones too. Thankfully, it seems like the industry is in a cleansing period and I hope over the long-term, many of the harmful elements will retire or quit the business.

      Again, thanks for reading!


      Comment by bailbondconfessions — July 15, 2009 @ 10:18 am

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