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Day 2 (last day) of Training | July 2, 2009

Wow…my head is spinning from all the information jammed in there.  I will have no trouble passing the exam(s), but there is just so much information on good or common practices that has me all tizzied up.  Then I find myself stressing about stuff that I don’t even know about, but figure I will need to know!

Went to court today and it was a complete clusterfuck.  The bond agent hadn’t clocked his license in properly and so he was instructed to leave the Federal courthouse and go to the County courthouse and clock in his license before returning to the Federal courthouse to clock in his license so he could write the bond.  “Clocking In” is basically validating your state licenses and authority to write bail with the Clerk of Court and needs to be performed once a year.

So the instructor sent us out to wait in the parking lot.  Only there wasn’t any shade, so we went down the street and hung out.  20-25 minutes later, he comes driving up and tells us that he already wrote the bond and was on his way to the County courthouse.  After he sent us out, he went to the judge and explained the situation and told him that there would be a delay. The judge told him to just go ahead and do the bond and then take care of the paperwork.  He went out to find us, but we were pretty far from the courthouse and couldn’t hear him.  So he wrote the bond and then found us.

So after our aborted trip to Court, we went back to the classroom and “studied” while we waited for him to return from the courthouse.  I guess he stopped for lunch, because when he got back, we hit the books from 11am-2:30pm and then he wrapped up the class.  We hadn’t eaten, but he offered to stick around for Q&A, so me and one other guy stayed until 5:30pm and picked his brain.

He has a pretty good racket going with teaching the instructional course.  He offered both of us the deal of letting us sub under him at 4.5% on Surety and 3% on non-Surety bonds. I’m going to have to crunch some numbers and see if it makes sense or not.  On the one hand, it seems pretty steep, but I haven’t fully discussed it with the Surety Insurance company yet and on the other hand, it gets me access to his wealth of experience, expertise, and advice.  I’ll have to put a mental price on what I figure that is worth before I make my decision.



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